Monday 20 February 2012

The Ghosts of Butterburn Court

Footage from last weeks visit to Butterburn Court, one of Dundee's tallest tower blocks at 23 storeys/67m tall. It was built in 1971 along with its sister block, Bucklemaker court. Both blocks are scheduled for demolition in 2012 so I was so delighted to, along with a few other Artists,  have the experience of walking through the shells of peoples lives, imagining all I could about the people that lived there.  Once again I was interested in the way my engagement with other peoples environments opened up a space where I began to reflect on my own experiences.  I am interested to see how the material I captured developes, and would be keen to compare what I got out of the experience with the other Artists and what this could say about our individual concerns.      

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  1. rowan!! we need to meet up and chat about this stuff. xxxxxxxxxx Jo Jo